Fenwal 732 Conventional Single Hazard Panel

The Fenwal 732 is the technologically most advanced Conventional Single Hazard Agent Releasing Unit available to the Fire-Alarm Suppression industry today. It combines the high quality, system reliability, and flexibility required by modern commercial, high-tech and industrial applications in an aesthetically pleasing and physically robust package. The Fenwal 732 is well equipped to handle all special hazard extinguishing systems due to the high degree of programming flexibility provided and the following full complement of input and output circuits:

  • Three (3) Class A or Class B Detection Circuits
  • Two (2) Class A or Class B Supervisory Circuits
  • One (1) Class A or Class B Manual Release Circuit
  • One (1) Class A or Class B Abort Input Circuit
  • Three (3) Class A or Class B Notification Appliance Circuits
  • Two (2) Class B Agent Release Circuits Four (4) Form-C Relays

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  • Fenwal 732 Conventional Fire Alarm-Suppression Control Unit Product Data

  • Fenwal Control Panel Smoke and Heat detector Compatibility Chart

  • Fenwal Wireless Sensitivity Tester

  • The 732 Panel is listed for a Wide Range of Suppression Systems:

    • FM-200®, FE13TM , 3MTM Novec 1230TM Fire Protection Fluid, Argonite TM, and Halon Clean Agents

    • Sprinkler Supervisory Service, Deluge, Pre-action

    • Foam, Foam-Water Systems

    • Combination Clean Agent plus Pre-Action System.

  • Built-in Class-A and Class-B Circuitry

  • Sophisticated Programmable Notification Appliance Circuits

  • Independently Programmable Agent Releasing Circuits with Triple-R Protection

  • Input and Output

    • 3 Detection Circuits

    • 2 Supervisory Circuits

    • 1 Manual Release Circuit

    • 1 Abort Input Circuit

    • 3 Notification Appliance Circuits

    • 2 Release Circuits

    • 4 Form-C Relays Programmable Relays

  • Robust Power Supply

  • Elegant User-Interface

  • Simple Configuration

  • Password Protected

  • Digital Release Countdown

  • Battery Voltage and Charging Current Display

  • Extensive Diagnostics

  • Backwards Compatible

  • Improved and Enlarged Cabinet Design

  • 5-Year Warranty

  • Approvals:

    • cFMus Approved to NFPA 72, ANSI 864, 9th edition and ULC-S527-99

    • CSFM Approved

    • MEA Approved

    • cULus Listed to ANSI 864, 9th edition and ULC-S527-99

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